WordPress: DOT Plugin Setup

DOT Plugin Install & Set Up

Estimated time: 5 minutes

PART 1 INSTALL - select an installation method.

Option 1 - Install from WordPress [Recommended]

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘DOT | Monetize Polls & Quizzes”
  3. Activate it from your Plugins page.

Option 2 - Manual Installation

  1. Download the .zip file from https://wordpress.org/plugins/dot-monetize-polls-quizzes/#description
  2. Enter your WordPress admin page
  3. Visit Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and select the .zip file
  4. Go to your plugins page and activate ‘DOT | Monetize Polls & Quizzes’.

PART 2 SETUP - Create New or Link Existing DOT Account

  1. Within WordPress go to > Settings > Dot

    DOT Plugin WP Home.png
  2. Open the plugin and create an account (Or log-in if you already have an account). This will open a new window, follow the on screen instructions.

  3. Return to WordPress and paste access code within the box "Enter Access Code" > Then Click Save.

    Plugin WP Enter Access Code.png

You are now ready to begin creating awesome content!

Plugin WP Account Connected.png