How to Publish

How to Publish with DOT

So, you've spent time carefully creating the most engaging DOT content known to humanity... you are now wondering 'How do I publish these creations to the world'.

Generate your Embed Code

Once you have created the perfect DOT Widget, click ‘Save & Publish’ found within the side-menu under ‘Publish’. Copy the embed code shown.

Paste your Embed Code

Depending on your CMS, please select from the most appropriate option below to paste your embed code.

1. Publish in HTML with any CMS

If you edit and publish your articles in an HTML based editor, then simply paste the embed code wherever you wish the DOT widget to appear on the page.

2. Publish in WordPress using the Block Editor

  • Navigate to one of your articles. Within the article add a new 'Block' by hovering your mouse over the '+' icon as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Now select the Custom HTML Block.
  • Now paste the Embed Code in the space provided.

3. Publish in WordPress using the HTML Editor

If your WordPress editor looks more like the screenshot below, make sure to select the 'Text Tab' on the right handside of the screen and simply paste the embed code wherever you wish to display the DOT Widget.

4. Publish in WordPress using a Third Party Plugin

There are also various third party iFrame plugins available to use within WordPress. To install a plugin, simply log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins → Add New and search for iFrame.

5. Need Further Assistance?

Email our Support Team: [email protected]