Delete Widget

How do I place a Widget in 'Draft' mode without deleting?

Draft mode will remove the widget from public display but will not delete the widget entirely from the DOT Portal. This is handy if you might want to make the widget live again later or if you wish to keep any analytics previously captured by the widget.

  1. Visit the Widget Edit screen

  2. Locate the side bar on the right handside and click the tab labelled 'Publish'

  3. Click the button labelled 'Set As Draft'

How do I delete a DOT Widget?

If alternatively you wish to fully delete the widget and any associated analytics recorded please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the ‘Saved’ tab, found by hovering your mouse over ‘Create’ on the top menu.

  2. Find the widget you wish to delete and click the cross on the top right hand corner. The cross appears after hovering your mouse over the widget image.