FAQ Section

Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a countdown timer on the live version of my widget?

DOT’s goal is to increase audience interaction with your content. The countdown timer helps improve audience interaction rates and increase engagement with your site.

Can I place a widget directly on social networks?

Unfortunately this is not possible currently.

Where do I find DOT Analytics?

Click the ‘Analytics’ button on the top menu to see a view of all your analytics across all your published widgets.

Click the name of any widget on the page to be taken to the analytics view for that widget only.

You will be able to track widget performance over time across numerous different metric types.

Can I create DOT Widgets on Mobile?

Although DOT Widgets are fully optimised for mobile & tablet devices once created, you cannot currently create DOT Widgets on a mobile device.

How do DOT Widgets load so quickly?

Speed is closely linked to audience engagement, this is why DOT was created with speed in mind.

Dot employs a number of techniques to ensure widgets load quickly in all conditions. This includes Lazy Loading, Image Optimisation & access to a vast number of servers worldwide.