What are the minimum traffic requirements?

Our minimum traffic requirements are around 250K Monthly Page Views (but this can sometimes be flexible). 

When it comes to estimating if your traffic is high enough, there are a few key things to consider:

  • Monthly Page Views 
  • Traffic Geo's 
  • Traffic Sources 
  • Website Vertical 


If you have less than 250k Monthly Page Views, but more than 75% of your traffic is Direct and/ or Organic, from Tier 1 countries and you are a publisher from the Web3 space, then we might be able to approve your domain. 

If you have 212K Monthly Page Views, but more than 80% of your traffic is Social, from Tier 3 countries and your content isn't suitable then we might be unable to approve your domain. 

In all cases we encourage you to create an account on our platform and follow the process. After sharing your Google Analytics (or similar), we will let you know within 1 or 2 working days if your website has been approved. 

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