What are the recommended ad sizes?

When it comes to choosing ad sizes for your website, there are a few key things to consider in order to maximize revenue:

  • Choose ad sizes that are visually appealing: Ad sizes that are too large or too small can be distracting or blend in with the surrounding content, respectively. 

  • Some ad sizes that tend to perform well include: 

    1. The Responsive Sticky Header/Footer unit (our best performing across mobile and desktop).
    2. The 300x250 (medium rectangle across mobile and desktop). 
    3. The 300x600 (can be used sparingly across mobile and desktop for increased earnings vs 300x250) 
    4. The 728x90 (leaderboard) on desktop.
    5. The 320x100 (leaderboard) on mobile,.

  • Consider the layout of your website: Different ad sizes work better on different types of websites. For example, a leaderboard ad (728x90) may work well on a blog with a wide layout, while a skyscraper ad (160x600) may be a better fit for a website with a narrow layout.

  • Test different ad sizes: The best way to determine which ad sizes work best for your website is to test a few different options and see which ones perform the best. You can use platforms like DOT to track the performance of different ad sizes on your website.

  • Optimize ad placement: In addition to choosing the right ad sizes, it's also important to place your ads in strategic locations on your website. Some popular ad placements include above the fold (the part of the website that is visible without scrolling), in the sidebar, and in between paragraphs of content.

  • By far the most popular format with DOT publishers is the Sticky Footer unit. This unit is the #1 recommended unit by the IAB due to its positive user reception, and revenue generation capability.

Overall, the key to maximizing revenue through advertising is to find the right balance between ad size and placement that works for your website and its visitors. By testing different options and tracking the results, you can determine the best ad sizes to use on your website.

Does DOT offer a product using AI to dynamically select the best sizes in real time?

Yes - DOT offers a product called Smart-Lazy which uses AI to automatically show the most optimal ads to boost revenue and protect user experience. Ask your DOT Support Agent for more information or view here.

  • Dynamically insert ads
  • Automatically adjust for article length
  • Simple implementation. One line of code

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