UTM URL's - how do I use them?

A UTM URL is a type of URL that is used for tracking the performance of different marketing campaigns. 

They includes additional parameters added to a URL, which can help you identify the source, medium, campaign name, and other details about the traffic coming to your website. 

They are compatible with analytics tools like Google Analytics.

Using DOT's UTM Generator:

DOT Ads is designed to be simple, yet offer advanced performance tracking. Easily create your UTM URL's via the built in generator. Simply add text to the optional fields and you'll automatically receive a final destination URL in the correct format. 

Here are the main components of a UTM URL:

Destination URLThis is the URL of the page that you want your visitors to land on after clicking the ad. For example, if we were running an ad campaign to the DOT site, the destination URL would be https://dotaudiences.comhttps://dotaudiences.com
SourceThe source parameter indicates the source of the traffic. It tells you where the traffic is coming from, such as a Google Ads, DOT Ads, or Email.dot
MediumThe medium parameter in a UTM URL identifies the medium through which the traffic is coming to your website.ads
CampaignThe campaign parameter is used to identify the name of your campaign. It could be a specific promotion, event, or product launch that you are promoting. This parameter is particularly useful when you have multiple campaigns running simultaneously.blackfridaycampaign
TermThe term parameter is an additional and flexible parameter that can be added. This could be used to track the performance of specific ad creatives, or target audiences.adgroup1

An Example:

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