How do I request a monetisation review?

Request Monetisation Review

Please first review the factors below, if you still wish us to conduct a monetisation review, please complete the form here (requires Google login). We will ask you to provide us certain information to help us.

Revenue can fluctuate for several reasons.


Demand for ad space fluctuates during the year. As a general trend, the lowest revenue months are at the start of the year from January to March. On average, ad demand reaches a peak towards the end of the year with keys events such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and the Christmas/Winter Holidays.

Traffic Fluctuation

If revenue seems to have changed it is recommended to first review traffic. Check the following:

  1. Total traffic (page views)
  2. Geography of traffic (eg. % per country)
  3. Source of traffic (e.g: Social vs Direct)

These factors directly impact the revenue performance of any site.

Changing Theme

The real-time bidding process is based on historical data. When the layout changes, it erases that bidding history in exchanges. Over time exchanges will 're-learn' based on your new site layout.

Google Search Update

Google is often a significant source of traffic. From time to time Google updates its search algorithm to prfioritise or deprioritise certain website features which can have a direct and significant impact on search traffic. 

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