Why has my revenue decreased?

Several factors can affect revenue, including the following most common causes:


Demand for ad space fluctuates during the year. As a general trend, the lowest revenue months are at the start of the year from January to March. On average, ad demand reaches a peak towards the end of the year with keys events such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and the Christmas/Winter Holidays.

Traffic Fluctuation

If revenue seems to have changed it is recommended to first review traffic. Check the following:

  • Total traffic (page views)
  • Geography of traffic (eg. % per country)
  • Source of traffic (e.g: Social vs Direct)
  • These factors directly impact the revenue performance of any site.

Changing Theme

The real-time bidding process is based on historical data. When the layout changes, it erases that bidding history in exchanges. Over time exchanges will 're-learn' based on your new site layout.

Google Search Update

Google is often a significant source of traffic. From time to time Google updates its search algorithm to prioritise or deprioritise certain website features which can have a direct and significant impact on search traffic. 

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